Saturday, March 3, 2012

Moving on one project to another project, is the feeling like changing a job?

Last week one of my senior ask this question on yammer. "When we move from a project to another, is the feeling like changing a job".

According to me answer is "YES". 
For me moving from one project to another is nothing but moving from 7th std to 8th std in school (finally moved out of 7th std :)). 
New bench, new classroom, unknown teacher, some old friends and new students (not sure about friendship at that time), additional subjects and parents expectations all this in head and books are on back. 
Too many new things, complex environment, lot of excitement, ready to learn (unlearn option is only with corporates), fight and friendship for last bench and (?), scope for creativity, that is an experience itself. IT provided many such opportunities for me again when we moved from one project to another and experienced it. 

So being in IT, if somebody is not exploring such option, I think they are missing much more in life.

Note: Mastek is my first company and spend 16 years in this org. Moved across more than 10 projects so far. Longest duration was 2 and ½ years on one project and shortest was 5 months. Experienced bench twice with max duration was 2 months.